Nordbit has created a unique, Investor focused and first-of-its-kind multi-layered KYC check that aims to bring an end to crypto scams.

Combining top-of-the-class AI software, Credit History checks and our crypto experts’ knowledge, we have set our target at ZERO scams with our KYC certificate!

“More than 46,000 people say they lost over $1 billion in crypto to scams since the start of 2021, according to a report released by the Federal Trade Commission.

Losses last year were nearly 60 times what they were in 2018, with a median individual loss of $2,600.”

Estimated scam-related losses for 2022 are $6 billion.

Extended ID – ID check by and Nordbit
Project knowledge – Analysis and review of the whole project. Including Dev’s knowledge about his project.
True Dev/CEO – Filters out paid actors.
Credit History – We will check the applicant’s credit history if they choose to go for it.
Investors will be able to see if the Dev passed the credit check, opted out or is a resident of a country where we cannot perform a credit check.
AI analysis – State of the art software is used to identify the true intentions during the KYC video call. Similar to a lie detector powered and analysed by AI (Artificial Intelligence).
Project future development score – We will check the logic of the Roadmap & Whitepaper and the Project’s current status, combined with AI analysis, that will provide us with an accurate project score the Dev is set to deliver all stated in Project Whitepaper.

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